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For the first time in 2018, the Advanced Tennis Camp have set up a camp combining cycling and tennis. For children aged 7 and above, the ‘Bike+Play’ camp is designed to allow youngsters to discover the mountain. Throughout the week in the mornings, children will be allowed to practice different forms of cycling including BMX, mountain bike enduro and mountain bike downhill. Skateboarding will also be available.

Professionals in each discipline will accompany the youngsters to ensure their safety before joining the ATC team to ‘play’ tennis in the beautiful setting of Verbier.

Groups of 4 people maximum per age group.


  • Every morning at 09:00 chez Martin before joining the Kids Bike League
  • 12:00 return to Martin for lunch
  • 14:00 start of the tennis program
  • 17:00 end of the day

An award ceremony will take place on Saturday from 11:30 on the terrace of Chalet d’Adrien.

Timetable for children aged 7-10 (2016-2013)

  • Monday: BMX – introduction (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Tuesday: BMX – track (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Wednesday: Mountain bike – trails (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Thursday: Skateboarding (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Friday: Skateboarding (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Saturday: Challenges (morning)

Price: 1290 CHF per person

Timetable for children aged 11-15 (2012-2008)

  • Monday: BMX (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Tuesday: BMX – track (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Wednesday: Mountain bike – trails (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Thursday: Mountain bike – enduro (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Friday: Mountain bike – downhill (morning) / Tennis (afternoon)
  • Saturday: Challenges (morning)

Price: 1390 CHF per person

Prices are inclusive of bike hire, protection, lifts pass and half-board accomodation.
In order to take place, a minimum of 2 children are required to sign onto the course.
All classes are supervised by professionals from Kids Bike League.
Classes take place at FunPark du Chable, La Gouille in Vaudan for BMX, BikePark Verbier, Savoleyres or at Chez Martin with obstacles set.

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