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from 11 July to 13 August 2022

For this 16th edition we will be present five weeks, it will be the first time; the camp will start on July 11th with a meeting point at 8h45 at Chez Martin Restaurant (boarders will check in the day before at 16h00) and run through until August 14th.

A team of 12 coaches and two physical trainers will be present to share their passion and experience.

Our love for the game and desire to communicate our enthusiasm to others lead us to organise the Advanced Junior Tour, a ‘masters’ style tournament for the young players which for the first time will be played in Verbier.

This tournament will feature an under 14’s and under 18’s category with both singles and doubles being played (if weather conditions permit).

Professional trainers will be present during the weekend in order to help best the young competitors in their training. This includes assistance with warming up, training and nutrition – all essential factors that could influence the result of a competition.

For competitors and also enthusiastic adults, our team will offer a training programme adapted to push your expectations.

Junior camp

Accomodation will be provided at two different chalets.

Training will be in groups of 4 (maximum) for each lesson to ensure each child receives the very best tuition – the day will be intense!

After breakfast players will leave for training and also morning workshops. During the afternoon there will also be additional workshops to teach the young players tactics and match play schemes.

From 5pm onwards there will be free time to rest or take part in extra activities including swimming and volley ball. All activities will be supervised by the Advacned Tennis Camp trainers.


  • Monday: Welcome meeting with the trainers at Chez Martin at 8h45 (boarders on Sunday afternoon at 16h00 at Chez Martin). A welcome package will also be given to each player.
  • Tuesday to Friday: Breakfast at 8am followed by a briefing at Chez Martin at 09:00. Tennis throughout the day until 17:00. Free time (supervised) onwards with dinner at 20:00. Curfew at 21:15.
  • Friday: Beginning of the masters Advanced Junior Tour from 2pm onwards (singles and doubles).
  • Saturday: End of the camp with a prize ceremony held at Chalet d’Adrien at 11:30 followed by a cocktail party.

Advanced training program

Our major expertise with high level athletes has brought us to develop a physical and tennis specific program whilst training at altitude.

If you a preparing for a major event (French, Swiss or international tournament) or a dedicated amateur keen to improve, this program is made for you!


  • Monday:Welcome meeting with the trainers at Chez Martin at 9h45 (boarders on Sunday afternoon at Chez Martin Restaurant at 16h00). A welcome package will also be given to each player.
  • Tuesday to Friday: Briefing at Chez Martin at 09:45 followed by physical training (strength, speed, coordination) according to ages and targeted needs from 10:00-11.30. Tennis training in relation to the theme developed from the morning session from 16:30-18:00.
  • Friday: Tournament in Switzerland (on request).
  • Saturday: Tournament in Switzerland (on request). End of course and awards ceremony on the Chalet d’Adrien terrace at 11:30 followed by a gourmet cocktail.

Tennis school program

In collaboration with the Verbier International school, enjoy a great tennis week and improve your academics combining 1 hour 15mins daily classes(discipline of your choice such as maths, language courses, etc.)


  • From Monday till Friday
  • Tennis from 09:00-12:00
  • Academic work from 13:00-14:30
  • Lunch all together
  • Tennis from 14:30-16:30

Senior camp

Maximum 4 per lesson* – be prepared to sweat! The Advanced Tennis Camp has prepared a schedule in which any tennis motion will be studied and particularly the motions of the legs that will be analysed in depth. Improve your game with professional coaching in the stunning landscape of Verbier.

* from 5 pm onwards for 1h30 (other time schedules on request)

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